More ways to help

For some people, adding a toxic, hazardous, highly-corrosive, industrial waste chemical to our drinking water – at any dilution – is instinctively wrong. For others, a little more information is required to show them fluoride is not effective at reducing dental decay, damages our health and violates medical ethics.

Relying on published scientific evidence, this is our task – to inform people of the major reasons to effectively “VOTE NO TO FLUORIDATION CHEMICALS”  and to have the absurd process of fluoridation discontinued in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

To do this, we need your help! There are many different ways that you can join this growing team of supporters and ‘do your bit’ to help bring about this major cultural change. Here are some suggestions:

1. DONATE to one of our campaigns: You can do this by using the PayPal donation button on our Donations page or we encourage you to use our bank account details to transfer funds directly and avoid fees. If you would like to donate to a particular publicity campaign, or you have a campaign in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or to discuss. We have a range of “wish list” projects available here. One of our Committee members will be happy to talk with you. You can donate here.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA is one of our most important tools for informing people: you can make a huge difference by spreading our reach via the major social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please like/follow/share us and our various articles and quotes with your contacts and encourage them to do the same.

3. JOIN US and become a member of Fluoride Free Australia: subscribe to our regular newsletter. This will keep you informed of recent news, important issues, feature articles, new videos, even more quotes from professionals, local events and lots more. Subscribe here.

4. SIGN our PAF Statement: If you are a science , health, legal or other relevant professional, please consider signing our PAF (Professionals Against Fluoridation) Statement.

5. SUBMIT a “Fluoride Testimonial” form: If you believe you have experienced adverse health effects from fluoride or fluoridation chemicals, please complete our Fluoride Testimonial form. We will publish these details in a Fluoride Testimonials Database. This form is available here.

6. GET INVOLVED: We are always looking for people to help directly with a range of tasks. In particular, we need people to help research, compile, write, upload edit and format material on our web site. We also need people to assist with our social media strategy and social media posts. If you have any skills in writing, editing, researching, IT, web development, graphics design, advertising, marketing/publicity, social media, we would certainly welcome your involvement. If you have any other relevant skills or interest please let us know.

7. EDUCATE others about the major reasons to reject fluoridation. There are several resources available on this web site for this purpose.

8. ORGANISE  a public talk or presentation: Request one of our team members to give a public presentation on fluoridation or we can help you to present yourself.

9. MAKE USE of our publicity material:  download our various publicity material to print and distribute to others. You may also want to contribute to a print run of one of our publicity documents or stickers, or suggest a new brochure or flyer be made for your community. Our publicity resources are available here.

10. HELP GROW our Advisory Board: If you know of any scientists, doctors, dentists, other health professionals or lawyers who are anti-fluoride and who might be interested in joining our ANZ Advisory Board, please let us know.

11. OTHER IDEAS? If you have any other ideas or suggestions for ways that you or others could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.