Sign our PAF Statement (Professionals Against Fluoridation)

If you work in the field of science, health, law or other relevant profession and you are based in Australia or New Zealand, please consider signing our Professionals Against Fluoridation Statement. This will involve providing a brief statement or quote explaining why you believe water fluoridation should be discontinued.
Before you consider signing our PAF Statement, you may like to read:

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In summary the major reasons to ask for your support in calling for an end to fluoridation are as follows:

  1. There is a substantial and steadily-growing body of research showing the harms of fluoride to many organs in the human body. We believe that professionals who are interested in joining this list should be especially concerned with the neurological damage that low-dose fluoride causes to the fetus and to children. The most significant and most specific studies regarding the neurotixicity of fluoride are Green et al 2019, Bashash et al, 2017 and 2018;  Thomas et al, 2018Valdez Jiménez et al. 2017Li et al, 2004. There are numerous other studies supporting this claim and also demonstrating other neurological damage. We believe that these neurotoxicity studies alone are enough for any responsible government to suspend fluoridation immediately;

  2. Despite this substantial body of research conducted overseas providing strong evidence of the harms of fluoride and after more than 50 years of fluoridation in Australia, NOT ONE SINGLE STUDY of this nature has been conducted in this country. The NHMRC and the State/Federal Health Departments continue to dismiss any study showing adverse effects of fluoride, usually on weak, flimsy and unprofessional grounds. Instead they rely exclusively on cherry-picked, pro-fluoride studies that are consistently and often glaringly lacking in appropriate scientific methodology. The general public – and even the scientific and medical community – remain largely unaware of the flawed science relied on and the unprofessional tactics regularly used to support and defend fluoridation.

  3. Large-scale, population-based efficancy studies clearly show there is little or no difference betweeen flruoridated and unfluoridated countries, cities, regions.

  4. Less than five per cent of the worl’s population receives fluoridated water and 98 per cent of Euorope have ceased or rejected fluordation;

  5. Mandatory water fluoridation is a clear breach of medical ethics

  6. Fluoride has never been approved in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or in the United States by the FDA. An exclusion by our TGA is baseless given that fluoride is added to our water to treat individuals.

  7.  Fluoridation chemicals added to our drinking water are actually a toxic industrial waste product from the processing of phosphate fertilizer. State health departments sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to hide this fact and also the cost of fluoridation chemicals to us and the environment;

  8. Disadvantaged groups are now DOUBLE disadvantaged. In November 2016, the NHMRC made a remarkable decision to substantially INCREASE the Upper Level of Intake for infants and children up to 8 years of age – from 71 per cent to 100 per cent.

  9. Hidden and downplayed rates of dental fluorosis. In the United States, rates of dental fluorosis continue to rise to alarming levels. But in heavily-fluoridated Australia, with a higher fluoride concentration than the US, strangely, fluorosis rates appear to have fallen. Dental fluorosis rates in Australia pose a serious risk for fluoridation programmes, so by downplaying fluorosis and then claiming fluorosis is not a concern, NHMRC masks the real effects of fluorosis and thereby helps protect fluoridation.

  10. Fluoridation chemicals are definitely bioaccumulative, that is, around 50% of all fluoride consumed accumulates in a healthy individual’s body – despite what the NHMRC’s CEO and her “experts” have publicly stated.