Toxic fluoride TV ad campaign

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Our TV ad campaign appropriately began on International Women's Day: 8 March 2020

Please help us screen our TV ad around Australia...

So all Australians can find out about the risks that Politicians and Water Suppliers are not telling consumers
Our 15-second TV ad
"Many studies show fluoride damages the developing brain. Do you really want a toxic industrial waste chemical in YOUR drinking water?"
15-second TV commercial
Please help us expand this campaign around Australia

Fluoride Free Australia NAB BSB: 086-006;  Account: 390373370

Our TV ad campaign

Fluoride Free Australia has launched a TV advertising campaign to warn all Australians,  especially pregnant mothers, about the dangers of fluoridation chemicals. 

Please help us expand this campaign

We are now raising funds to screen this ad via paid advertising on YouTube around Australia. 

To donate, please use our account details left to transfer funds via your web site (to avoid any fees). Or click on the PayPal button left to make a donation by PayPal.

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Read our article and find out what you're really drinking!
The source of fluoride: find out what you’re really drinking!

Most Australians assume, or are led to believe, the chemicals used to fluoridate our drinking water are pharmaceutical grade or are of the same quality and purity of dental products. They are often surprised to find that these chemicals are in fact a highly-toxic industrial waste by-product from the processing of phosphate fertiliser.

Because Australian health authorities are concerned about the public’s perception of adding a toxic industrial waste product to our drinking water, they go to extraordinary lengths, often using very misleading and even false statements to defend and reinforce this 70-year-old marketing strategy.

It’s time all Australians learnt the truth about toxic industrial waste fluoridation chemicals. Read our article HERE.

"Who will warn parents and pregnant mothers that fluoride may damage the brain of their fetus, infant or child?"
Professor Paul Connett
BSc, PhD