Letter to Queensland Fluoridated Councils

3 October 2019

Dear Councillor

Re: Another study linking fluoride to lowered IQ in children

I write to you regarding a very important new study published recently in the American Medical Association’s journal, JAMA Pediatrics. This new Canadian study by Green et al showed a drop of 4.5 IQ points in children whose mothers consumed fluoridated water while pregnant. The findings are consistent with a study of Mexican mothers and children by Bashash et al 2017. In fact 20 years of similar fluoride-neurotoxicity research and 54 specific fluoride-IQ studies have reinforced this message.

Both the Green and Bashash studies:

  • Were US government funded;
  • Were published in prestigious journals;
  • Were Mother-Offspring studies that used urinary fluoride levels during pregnancy to assess cognition in the paired offspring;
  • Have shown a strong relationship between maternal exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ in offspring;
  • Confirmed that the fetal stage is the most vulnerable period for fluoride’s neurotoxicity.

Dimitri Christakis, the Editor of the JAMA Journal and a Doctor, said; “The answer for me, I can say, is I would not have my wife drink fluoridated water” if she were pregnant.

Under Queensland fluoridation legislation, as a Councillor of a Council with a fluoridated water supply, you are responsible for the addition of fluoride chemicals to your constituent’s drinking water. You have the ability to end fluoridation in your area.

As a decision maker, we believe it is your Duty of Care to be informed of the science showing that fluoride is not safe or effective. We would therefore like to help you become aware of this science and also the consistently misleading and deceptive tactics used by fluoridation proponents to defend and promote fluoride. Like other toxic substances staunchly protected for decades, we believe that once a critical mass of awareness is reached around the toxicity of fluoride, politicians will bear the brunt of this growing outrage.

Our web site provides several informative articles that we hope you will read:

We would also like you to be aware of these relevant facts that are often omitted from pro-fluoride literature;

  • 95% of the world does not receive fluoridation chemicals in their drinking water;
  • 98% of European countries carefully evaluated and ceased or rejected fluoridation
  • 70% of Canada and 54% of New Zealand do not have forced fluoridation;
  • Only 21 out of 77 Queensland councils have artificial fluoridation, with 29 councils formally rejecting fluoride since 2012. The cost to these fluoridating councils is substantial and every year together they dump around 370 tonnes of toxic fluoridation chemicals into the environment;
  • A court case underway in the US is likely to result in fluoridation being banned in America because of its toxicity and ineffectiveness;
  • Fluoride has no biological function in the human body, it only interferes with our physiology;
  • More than 99% of the fluoride ingested never touches a tooth – it’s a complete waste of money;
  • More than 16 large-scale, population-based studies show there is no discernible difference between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries. Despite what you have been told, there is overwhelming evidence to show that fluoride does not work!

Councillor we hope that you will set an example and take the initiative to join other Councils and vote to stop fluoridation.

Lastly, I emphasise that we are here to help you. So if there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, we hope you will use our web site as a resource. Please also see the flyer attached.


Fluoride Free Australia