Fluoride Free Australia

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About Us

Fluoride Free Australia is a not-for-profit, educational and advocacy organisation focussing on the issues of fluoride toxicity and resulting adverse health effects, the lack of efficacy in reducing tooth decay and the clear and substantial breach of medical ethics relating to mandatory water fluoridation. 

Like many scientists and health experts worldwide and many non-fluoridating western countries, we believe that dental decay should be tackled responsibly through education and a healthy lifestyle, not through the medication of public drinking water supplies with a toxic industrial waste product.

Main objectives

Our main objectives are to increase awareness amongst health professionals, decision-makers, politicians, councilors and the general public of the lack of effectiveness, safety and ethics of mandatory water fluoridation. We want people to know that fluoride is not safe, not effective, not ethical and not legal.

To do this, we aim to raise funds and conduct an ongoing advertising and publicity program. Ideally this will include TV, radio, billboard and social media ads, plus a range of printed publicity material, presentations, and of course our digital marketing campaign including regular email newsletters and social media posts  connected to our ongoing feature articles and news editorial.

Join Us

To achieve our aim we need your help, so please join us and help make Australia FLUORIDE FREE!

And if you’d like to know how you can get involved and help, click here.