What the professionals say about fluoride

Thousands of scientists, dentists, doctors, other health-related professionals and lawyers around the world strongly oppose the fluoridation of public drinking water supplies. Read what some of them have to say about fluoride and fluoridation in the following 270+ quotes.
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The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water is 'safe'"

Dr. Ludgwig Grosse, Chief of Cancer Research, U.S. Veterans Administration. Tweet

Fluoridation chemicals (including unavoidable contaminants) are neurotoxic, in addition to dozens of other harms to the body. They pose the worst risks to fetuses and infants…Despite all this, fluoridation is being imposed on local water districts by unelected government officials."

Tina Kimmel, Ph.D., MSW, MPH Tweet

I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long-range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable."

Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical Association (AMA) Tweet

Fluoride is a slow poison, causes dental, skeletal and non-skeletal fluorosis. It affects almost all the organs in the body. Most serious is its damage to the brain. There is strong evidence that it lowers IQ in children."

Water fluoridation is an outdated and dangerous practice. The systemic consequences are being recklessly overlooked in the name of preventive dentistry."

Andrew Harms, BDS, former President of South Australia ADA Tweet

In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths, and causes it faster, than any other chemical."

Dean Burke, Former Chief Chemist Emeritus, US National Cancer Institute. Tweet

.. we have been misled for far too long. It has never been the solution for better dental health that has always come from good nutrition and a healthy biome!”

Fluoride goes against all principles of modern pharmacology. It’s really obsolete. I think those nations that are using it should feel ashamed of themselves. It’s against science.

Dr. Arvid Carlsson; Nobel Prize for Medicine 2000. Tweet

It is concluded that artificial fluoridation appears to cause or induce about 20-30 excess cancer deaths for every 100,000 persons exposed per year after about 15-20 years."

Dean Burke, Former Chief Chemist Emeritus, US National Cancer Institute. Tweet

Community Water Fluoridation is forced medication – See Recent Decision of New Zealand Supreme Court. It is an obsolete approach as a solution to dental caries which is a nutritional issue as many health issues are.”

Fluoride is a potent poison for enzymes. I cannot reconcile putting it into the water source or children’s mouths. Money has to be the motivation because it makes no sense otherwise.”

Stephanie F. Cave, MD, Practiced medicine in Baton Rouge for 21 years, Baton Rouge, LA Tweet

Based on data from the National Academy of Sciences, current levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water may cause arthritis in a substantial portion of the population long before they reach old age"

Dr. Robert Carton, former EPA Scientist. Tweet

As a neurological learning specialist, I have known for many years that fluoridated drinking water reduces learning capabilities in children, some much worse than others. It is highly inappropriate for authorities to dose the drinking water with material that is toxic for most, if not all, children.”

It is my best judgement, reached with a high degree of scientific certainty, that fluoridation is invalid in theory and ineffective in practice as a preventive of dental caries. It is dangerous to the health of consumers.”

Dr John Colquhoun, former chief Dental Officer of New Zealand Tweet

I now realize that what my colleagues and I were doing was what the history of science shows all professionals do when their pet theory is confronted by disconcerting new evidence: they bend over backwards to explain away the new evidence. They try very hard to keep their theory intact — especially so if their own professional reputations depend on maintaining that theory.”

Dr. John Colquhoun, former Chief Dental Officer for Aukland New Zealand Tweet

By 1983 I was thoroughly convinced that fluoridation caused more harm than good. I expressed the opinion that some of these children with dental fluorosis could, just possibly, have also suffered harm to their bones"

Dr. Colquhoun, former Chief Dental Officer for Auckland New Zealand. Tweet

I have been against water fluoridation for over 20 years and am dismayed that even with the knowledge of how toxic it is to humans (the born and unborn) it is still used within most communities within the United States.”

Obiora Embry, BS, Industrial Engineering, EIT Tweet

There is no solid scientific or medical evidence to show that fluoridation is of any beneficial help to public health, safety or welfare."

The Majority Chairman of the Environmental Resources Committee, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, June 1999 Tweet

Fluoridation is mass medication with a known neurotoxin.”

Ingestion of fluoride is not likely to reduce tooth decay”.

US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), 1999 Tweet

I oppose dosing developing children with neurotoxins under the guise of "treating" them. I oppose damaging all body tissues to address dental damage which can be prevented by wiser, safer, and nutritional means. I oppose harming people to "protect" them.”

There are numerous mechanisms by which uncontrolled dosing of fluorides through water fluoridation can potentially harm thyroid function, the body and the brain… I support federal investigative hearings looking into why our cities and towns are allowed to continue to add fluoride to public water sources.”

Mark Hyman MD, NIH scholar, medical correspondent and author Tweet

Fluoride is a bio-accumulative, genotoxic carcinogen and endocrine disruptor with no useful role in any mammal. It is the major cause of Cataract Blindness and numerous, often fatal, calcification diseases of the soft tissues. Fluoride is absorbed through the oral tissues with no need to swallow.”

From a medication standpoint, even if fluoride were not a poison, adding it to the water supply is idiotic. I can’t believe supposedly rational people are in favor of this.”

Fluoridation ... it is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has."

— Dr. Professor Albert Schatz, (Microbiology), co-discoverer of Streptomycin, the cure for tuberculosis and numerous other bacterial infections. Tweet

Under any circumstances, I would disapprove of adding any drug to our drinking water, especially one so toxic and controversial as fluoride.”

Kristine L. Soly, MD, FACC, holistic cardiologist, Yarmouthport, MA Tweet

“The only assuredly safe level of fluoride is zero.”

Dr Bruce Spittle, MB ChB with distinction, DPM, Otago Tweet

Fluoridated water is an illegal unsafe drug that is harming people who ingest it.”

The latest research shows that even in amounts commonly found in doctored water it reduces the IQ of children significantly. As a research scientist with significant expertise in the effects of radiation exposure I know that small amounts of toxins such as mercury, fluoride, and even chlorine can significant increase negative health effects.”

Fluoride accumulates in brain and bone and causes lowered IQ and ADHD like symptoms, and has been implicated in causing osteosarcoma in juvenile males.”

Richard Taylor, M.A. Psychology, licensed psychologist Tweet

The fluoride ion exerts its toxic effect by inhibiting the action of many enzyme systems.”

I want clean unaltered drinking water, as close to natural spring water.”

Adriaan van Heiningen, Ph.D. Tweet

Every single ounce of artificially fluoridated water consumed, while drinking and eating foods that have been rinsed, washed or cooked …with hexafluorosilicic acid – a neurotoxin - no amount is safe.”

I am opposed to water fluoridation because the benefits do not outweigh the risks.”

John Zimmerman, PhD, Biological Psychology and Neuroscience, Reno, NV Tweet

We wouldn’t purposely add arsenic to the water supply.And we would not purposely add lead. But we do add fluoride. The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than arsenic”. - Dr John Yiamonyiannis PhD in Biochemistry

Dr John Yiamonyiannis PhD in Biochemistry Tweet

We need to protect the brains of the next generation - they are our future! Also, the primary form used for water fluoridation (Hydrofluorosilicic acid) is a waste product of the fertilizer industry, a convenient way to get rid of it and get paid in the process. (WATCH Fluoride Fundamentals #4: Sources of Fluoride).”

I want to emphasize the fact that nowhere in Europe, where fluoridation has been stopped, has there been an increase of dental caries observed afterwards. Also, when collecting new, random data about natural fluoride content of drinking waters and dental caries from the WHO databases in Geneva in 1987, I could not find a trace of a benefit of (natural) fluoride in drinking water.”

Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Rudolf Ziegelbecker, Graz, Austria Tweet

I have been studying all the relevant science in relation to fluoride and can only come to one conclusion. It was added to our water for the sole purpose of avoiding government law suits as a result of accidental human exposure from industrial greed and government cover-up.”

Matthew Young DDS, PA, member and director of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Hendersonville, NC Tweet

I am totally against fluoridation of water supplies because it goes against the civil liberties of democracy and because honest scientific analysis proves it is a major health concern when added to water supplies. Any small benefit of fluoride is associated with topical application only and this can be achieved with toothpaste.”

Eli Ussher, BAS Conservation Technology, sewage treatment plant operator, NSW, Australia Tweet

I have been opposed to the use of systemic fluoride for over 25 years after observing its effects on people and animals living on an Indian reservation in the St. Lawrence River near Northern NY. The damaging health effects of systemic fluoride cannot be tolerated any longer in the US.”

Dick Thom, DDS, ND, Professor, National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR Tweet

I believe it is extraordinarily irresponsible to add fluoride to public water supplies. Even if you agree that fluoride is beneficial topically to the teeth, it is not meant to be absorbed by all of the cells in our bodies, especially brain cells…From the tiniest of newborn babies to the largest adults, all of us are exposed to the same concentration of fluoride in the water. I am a nurse and there is absolutely no such thing as prescribing a drug in the same concentration for everyone universally. One does not need to be in the medical field to understand how wrong it is to add any substance to our water supply to treat people, not knowing how different people could be affected.”

As practitioners helping people with hormone balance for 30 years, it is our strong feeling that fluoridation is a contributing factor to the massive epidemic of low thyroid function affecting tens of millions of Americans. We consider fluoridation to be one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated upon the American public, up there with estrogen supplementation for all women. Shame on the ADA and the CDC! Fluoridation is simply a bad idea whose time has passed."

Karilee H. Shames, PhD, RN, Advance Practice Holistic Nurse and Richard L. Shames, MD, 35 years GP experience, co-authors ”Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?” and “Thyroid Power”. Tweet

Fluoride neglects the principles of public health, pharmacology and toxicology as well.”

The health risks associated with the use of fluoride in drinking water outweigh, to a significant degree, the slight benefits from that use.”

Phillip M. Allen, MD, PhD, pathologist (retired), Wichita, KS Tweet

It would appear that the effectiveness of artificial water fluoridation in the 21st century is at best questionable, given its fixed-dose medication approach, quality of fluoride used and its adverse impact on calcium metabolism and largely insignificant differences in dental caries experience between areas with artificial water fluoridation and those without."

Professor Niyi Awofeso, University of Western Australia, Public Health Ethics Tweet

An additional reason which makes me oppose fluoridation of drinking water is the potential interaction between fluoride and various potent prescription medicines which people are taking. Most patients take their medicines with water, and the possible interactions between these pharmaceuticals and fluoride go untested.”

Rosalie Bertell, PhD, (Deceased), Regent of the Board, International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland, Retired President, International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Toronto, Canada Tweet

“The impact of fluoride on IQ and its neurotoxicity is confirmed by a number of studies. This should be troubling for Australians, if the media or the government informed them about the matter, because 12,000,000 kg of fluoride compounds are dumped into Australian water every year as well as 350,000 kg to air (Source National Pollutant Inventory Summary Report 2004-05).”

— Geoff Pain, PhD, Lecturer in Science, University of Notre Dame, Environmental Consultant, Member of the Western Australia Environment Minister’s Panel of Experts, Member of the Australian Labor Party Environment and Conservation Policy Committee Tweet

Most dentists who support water fluoridation do so because of what they were told in school and from their dental associations. Most don’t have the time or see the need to review the scientific studies or do any independent research on the subject. I know because I used to be one of them. If they took the time, as I have, to review unbiased research most would probably conclude that fluoride should be limited to topical application only and should never be added to drinking water.”

Carol S. Berman, DDS, Norcross, GA Tweet

I am opposed to fluoridation of drinking water because of the compelling and abundant amount of science demonstrating toxic effects on a number of cell signaling systems, energy enzymes and the subsequent harmful effects on the central nervous system – both during development and in the adult. There is also compelling evidence of brain accumulation of this toxic ion.”

Russell L. Blaylock, MD, retired neurosurgeon and author, MS Tweet

The impact on the thyroid is probably the reason for lowered IQ and ADHD. Lowered thyroid function is also well known to cause weight gain, lethargy and depression. Our children should not be subjected to a toxin, unbeknown to them, via their drinking water. Also, if I bathe in it, my skin breaks out in painful, weeping eczema, which feels like a bad case of sunburn.”

There is significant evidence to suggest that the risks from the use of fluoride for prevention of tooth decay exceeds any questionable benefit that is achieved.”

Clarence Brown, MD, Col USAR (Retired), Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Natick, MA Tweet

Why are so many public health officials afraid to admit they could be wrong about things they have stuck their neck out on? Does their desire to preserve their credibility mean more to them than the wellbeing and good health of their fellow citizens?”

— Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Co-author with George L. Waldbott, MD, and H. Lewis McKinney, PhD, of “Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma”. Tweet

Sweden rejected fluoridation in the 1970s, and in this excellent book these three scientists have confirmed the wisdom of that decision. Our children have not suffered greater tooth decay, as World Health Organization figures attest, and in turn our citizens have not borne the other hazards fluoride may cause.”

Dr. Arvid Carlsson; Nobel Prize for Medicine 2000. Tweet

Previously neutral on the issue, I am now persuaded by the arguments that those who wish to take fluoride (like me) had better get it from toothpaste rather than the water supply.”

Douglas Carnall, British medical writer after reviewing the 2000 York Review Tweet

Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals added to the water and is an industrial hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry and other industrial sectors.”

Water fluoridation is poor medicine/public health in that it doses all citizens with a strong chemical substance regardless of need, sensitivity, medical conditions and other risk factors.”

David McRae, B.Sc., Australia Tweet

My objections to fluoridation include: — 1. There is sound epidemiological evidence relating fluoride to bone cancer. — 2. Drinking water is fluoridated with highly contaminated industrial fluoride waste, not chemically pure fluoride. — 3. Very few other medically advanced nations fluoridate their water. — 4. While fluoride may have some beneficial effects when applied directly to the tooth’s surface, there is no quality scientific evidence that swallowing fluoride is effective.”

Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Professor emeritus, Environmental & Occupational Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, Chicago, IL Tweet

Fluoridation compromises the core medical premise of “First, do no harm.” We are so lucky that the electrical union in Ballarat (Australia) decided against connecting the power to the fluoride dosing treatment plant. This act of independence can only give heart to all who oppose adding dangerous man-made chemicals to public water supplies.”

Chris Ewan, Independent Water Consultant, Ballarat, Australia Tweet

It is a toxin! I am a grandfather and am concerned for the health of my granddaughter!”

There is much evidence of adverse effects that is occurring in humans.”

Many of the children in the study group showed a marked delay in the eruption of deciduous teeth…. in many cases by as much as a year from accepted eruption dates….. Delay in dentition, as described, is in accord with the work of De Eds, Baume and Becks, and Orban, who suggested that fluoride inhibited thyroid function which in turn delayed the eruption of the teeth.”

R. Feltman & G. Kosel (1956)

.. the evidence is quite convincing that the addition of sodium fluoride to the public water supply at one part per million is extremely deleterious to the human body".

Chief Justice John Flaherty, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (presided over litigation involving fluoridation) Tweet

Fluoridation is medical treatment of the population without considering the individual's health needs nor their rights of choice. I strongly object to its use.”

…the ADA can’t admit guilt or the floodgates of lawsuits would be devastating not to mention the mercury in amalgam fillings!”

I have opposed fluoridation for tens of years and refused to promote it and use it. I have read studies that show it suppresses hormones etc. I retired 15 years ago. Dentists will not listen to the truth about fluoride. We were brain washed in dental school by the powers that be. Lots of money is made on this poison.”

Fluoride exposure, at levels that are experienced by a significant proportion of the population whose drinking water is fluoridated, may have adverse impacts on the developing brain."

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, May 2000 Tweet

When I was researching my book, I was astonished by the utter lack of knowledge within the dental profession (in the UK), and with their apparent unwillingness even to consider trying to find out the truth of this measure. Furthermore, isn’t medication without consent contrary to UN human rights legislation?”

Barry Groves, PhD (nutritional science), Author of “Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death?”, England Tweet

Fluoridation is poisoning our environment! If fluoride actually stopped cavities, why are we seeing an increase in cavities in largely fluoridated Australia today?” — Veronica Griffin, PhD, MD, Director, Nutri-Concepts Clinics

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and Chemical Detox, Cairns, Queensland, Australia Tweet

It is human nature to resist change to ideas that have been believed for a long time, regardless of their validity. The scientific evidence against fluoridation of drinking water is overwhelming.”

Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical Association. Tweet

Right now we have 1 in 6 children in the U.S. with neurodevelopmental brain disease, including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, low IQ and behavioral disorders, and 1 in 8 women who will develop thyroid disease. These two epidemics tell us that chemicals like fluoride and lead, both developmental neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors, have no place in our public water."

No one likes having been wrong. But for the sake of the children we must admit we were wrong about this and end it now.”

— Councillor Lisa Intemann, BA(Hons), BAppSc, Community Development worker of 30 years, Wauchope, NSW, Australia Tweet

There’s no doubt that the intake of fluoridated water is going to interrupt basic functions of nerve cells in the brain, and this is certainly not going to be [for] the benefit of anybody.”

Dr. Robert Isaacson, 2006 National Research Council Scientist Tweet

The addition of fluorides to drinking water was, and is, a mistake.”

Dr. Robert Isaacson, 2006 National Research Council Scientist Tweet

The health of the entire country is at risk as long as fluoridation of the drinking water remains uncurbed.”

Robert L. Isaacson, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY. Member of the 2006 National Research Council panel which reviewed the toxicology of fluoride, Binghamton, NY Tweet

I’m against fluoridation: it’s a ridiculous idea, based on very bad science.”

Professor C. Vyvyan Howard, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPath, Bioimaging Research Group, Centre for Molecular Bioscience, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland and newly elected President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) Tweet

Hundreds of millions of dollars may be wasted annually on children's fluoride treatments by dentists. Typically given once or twice a year at routine checkups, the treatments do nothing to reduce cavities in kids, says a study of insurance records.”

Journal of Public Health Dentistry Tweet

Fluoridating public water supplies is now demonstrated to be ineffective at preventing dental caries, to be toxic for various body systems and damaging to the development of the central nervous system. Furthermore, it is medically unethical because it is being approved by unqualified authorities, delivers an uncontrolled dose, without medical monitoring. All of this without the informed consent of recipients and without their ability to easily or cheaply avoid exposure once the fluoride is added to their drinking water.”

James Beck, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Medical Biophysics, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Tweet

My main reasons for opposing fluoridation is that there is no scientifically rigorous evidence for its efficacy yet there is clear such evidence of its great harm to humans. Furthermore I object strenuously to having medication administered to me without my consent.”

Gerhard Bedding, MA, MALS, Director NH Pure Water Coalition/NH Citizens for Health Freedom, Executive Committee Member Aurum Foundation (supporting natural health) and NH Chapter Sierra Club, Keene, NH Tweet

Tooth decay is a disease of poverty. Feed these children; don't fluoridate them!”

Paul Beeber, esq., New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation Tweet

It is now clear that fluoride is a potentially harmful substance when present in the drinking water in any amount."

Dr. Simon Beisler, Chief of Urlogy, Roosevelt Hospital and Past President of the American Urological Association. Tweet

I am opposed to fluoridation because there is more valid scientific evidence for fluoride toxicity than for its alleged caries-protective effect. The strange history of the measure (www.fluoride-history.de) is additional proof of this.”

Peter Meiers, author of “Toxizitaet von Fluorverbindungen” (1984) and of several articles on fluoride toxicity in medical journals, Saarbruecken, Germany Tweet

Countless peer-reviewed scientific research publications show that the risks of fluoridation far outweigh any claims of its so called benefits.”

Rosemary Grace Minervini, RDH, MS, Retired Dental Hygienist, Master’s Degree in Dental Hygiene Administration, Education and Research, Lehi, UT Tweet

Fluoride is a toxic inorganic ion that plays no part in normal human biochemistry.”

Potential neuro-developmental toxin. Inappropriate use of water system to deliver topical drug.”

William Potter, PhD Biochemistry Tweet

As a consultant dietitian in private practice I have assessed the nutritional status of patients for over forty years. I see the ill effects of fluoride on the body and the health issues it presents.”

Grace S. Prince, MS, RD, LDN, dietitian consultant in private practice, Nashville, TN Tweet

Fluoridating the public water supply violates the fundamental right of citizens to health and a healthful environment. The risks associated with water fluoridation definitely far outweigh the supposed benefits.”

Romeo Quijano, MD, Manilla, Philippines Tweet

Swallowing fluoride in drinking water is like swallowing a band-aid for a cut. Why not just put the band-aid only where you need it?”

Michael B. Rogers, DDS, Arlington, VA Tweet

Nobody should ever be forced to take medicine against their wishes.”

Dr. Andrew Rynne, LRCP&SI, MICGP, Medical Practitioner and columnist for the Irish Medical News, founder of Clane General Hospital, Co. Kildare, Ireland Tweet

Fluoridation is mass medication with an uncontrolled dose, and violates the individual’s right to informed consent. We need to end the harmful practice of water fluoridation in the US and all other countries which still add fluoride in public drinking water.”

Mages Mageswari Sangaralingam, Masters in Environmental Management, Research Officer, Consumers Association of Penang, Malaysia Tweet

Several papers reviewed by the NRC (2006a) have reported associations between dental fluorosis and increased risk of adverse health effects, including thyroid disease, lowered IQ, and bone fracture.”

Ro- Kathleen Theissen, PhD. Tweet

..fluoride damages bone even at levels added to public drinking water"

— American Journal of Epidemiology, October 1999 Tweet

Fluoride should be a consumer’s choice, not a mandatory Government requirement for all!”

len M. Bailes, Safety Manager/Licensed Water Operator, Carroll-Boone Water District, Eureka Springs, AR Tweet

“Fluoride is a toxin with effects at ppm, we don't need it, you can't control the dose people get.”

David Ball, DDS, MAGD, AIAOMT Tweet

Water contains a number of substances that are undesirable, and fluorides are just one of them"

Dr. F. A. Bull, State Dental Director of Wisconsin, speaking at the Fourth Annual Conference of State Dental Directors. Tweet

The CDA emphasizes that the need for fluoride depends on overall exposure, including place of residence, diet and oral health habits and The CDA recognizes the need to continue to monitor studies on fluoride and general health."

Canadian Dental Association, May, 2000 Tweet

In 1996, there were approximately 340,000 hospital admissions for hip fractures in the United States. Women sustain 75 percent-80 percent of all hip fractures. Medicare costs for hip fractures were estimated at $2.9 billion in 1991.”

Centers for Disease Control Tweet

The Organic Consumers Association supports a ban on water fluoridation. America’s 50 million health and environmental- minded organic consumers are not only concerned with the purity of their food, but the purity of their water as well. Ban water fluoridation now!”

Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Organic Consumers Association, MN Tweet

As a retired oncologist noting the well studied risk of osteosarcoma, I agree that the continued support for this dangerous and ineffective prescription is based on money and saving face. I am appalled by the absence of informed consent when our medical culture has tried to move away from paternalistic actions.”

Nancy Crumpacker, MD, retired oncologist, and advisor to Rachel’s Friends Breast Cancer Coalition, Portland, OR Tweet

Artificial water fluoridation is unethical, unsafe, ineffective and not necessary for any body function. It is outdated, harmful and regressive. There are so many better ways to improve the oral and overall health of infants, young children, the disadvantaged, the chronically ill, the elderly and people of color”.

Dr. Robert C Dickson, MD, CCFP, FCFP, BPE Tweet

Fluoridation is unsafe, ineffective and unethical.”

Mark Diesendorf, PhD, Associate Professor, UNSW Sydney, author of several important articles on fluoride including the groundbreaking 1986 article in Nature, “The Mystery of Declining Tooth Decay.” Tweet

As a professional chemist the argument is simple — it is unethical to medicate people without their consent (and especially to use the public water system to do it!), and it’s criminal to use the public water supplies as a dumping ground for industry’s toxic waste. To pay them for the privilege is really a travesty. One doesn’t even need to go further than these issues, but the research evidence for serious health implications is very convincing. Too many ‘medical professionals’ and people in power suffer from the ‘my mind is made up–don’t confuse me with the facts mentality.’”

Diana L. Estberg, PhD, Chemistry, retired, Port Angeles, WA Tweet

Half a century ago, as a public medical officer and as a family doctor, I published support for fluoridation in my country following the U.S.A. example. When challenged, I spent hours studying evidence on both sides and became convinced that I was wrong. Each passing decade has strengthened that view. Public water fluoridation breaks the near-universal toxicological precautionary principle that requires providers to prove medicator safety, not dissenters to prove medicator harm.“

Doug N. Everingham, MB, BS, Australian Health Minister 1972-75, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Tweet

The American Medical Association is NOT prepared to state that no harm will be done to any person by water fluoridation. The AMA has not carried out any research work, either long-term or short-term, regarding the possibility of any side effects."

Dr. Flanagan, Assistant Director of Environmental Health, American Medical Association. [actual letter] Tweet

I strongly oppose fluoridation of drinking water. Our mission is to provide pure and clean water to our customers. — It is time for the water industry to spread the truth about the harmful effects of adding fluoride to peoples’ drinking water.”

Rene W. Fonseca, licensed water operator, Carroll-Boone Water District, Eureka Springs, AR Tweet

…It only serves to financially benefit the sellers of fluoride.”

…if the benefits of fluoride are supposedly topical, then why is it in our water?”

My own personal published research shows that fluoride has an adverse effect on the immune system.”

Sheila L. M. Gibson, MD, BSc, MFHom, Member of the Advisory panel for the York Review. Medical advisor to UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Glasgow, Scotland Tweet

Our school dentist screened and recorded the elementary school students annually. In my opinion, during the thirty years I assisted in dental screening there appeared to be little or no evidence of benefit from fluoridation.”

Ruth Greenwood Koss, RN, MS, retired school nurse in the public school system in Somerville, NJ Tweet

Ironically, the “antis,” who are usually portrayed as unscientific, often act more scientifically in the debate.... By contrast, the political profluoridation stance has evolved in to a dogmatic, authoritarian, essentially antiscientific posture, one that discourages open debate of scientific issues."

Unnecessary additive, especially since most toothpaste and oral care products contain it. Too much fluoride has well documented health consequences and is especially dangerous to fetuses and young children.”

Fluoride has no health benefit in water - only a health detriment!”

The EPA’s solution to fluoride pollution is dilution!”

Dr. W. M Hirzy, VP and Risk Assessment Scientist, EPA Tweet

As a natural medicine physician, I have known for years that the fluoride added to drinking water has toxic effects on the body, and environment. Fluoride stores up in the body over time, and displaces necessary nutrients like calcium and iodine, disrupting bone, glandular, and brain function, and has been shown to contribute to cardiovascular disease and low IQ…”

Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems."

Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943 Tweet

..significant increase in the risk of hip fracture in both men and women exposed to artificial fluoridation at 1 ppm."

Journal of the American Medical Association, August 1992 Tweet

..the recommended "optimal" intake (a level that has yet to be determined scientifically)."

Journal of the American Dental Association, Dec. 1995 Tweet

Community water fluoridation is a malignant medical myth.”

Dr. Joel Kauffman, Professor Emeritus in Chemistry

It was found that F impacts human thyroid hormones, especially TSH and T3 even in the standard concentration of less than 0.5 mg/L.”

Z. Kheradpisheh et al. (2018) Tweet

Ingesting synthetic fluoride is not only ineffective at reducing tooth decay, but it also exposes our population to a number of toxins. Fluoride is suspected of impacting nearly every part of the human body, and the potential for harm has been clearly established in scientific research”

David Kennedy, Doctor of Dental Surgery and lead author of the IAOMT Fluoride Position Paper 2017. Tweet

All of the organizations promoting water fluoridation agree that dental fluorosis, which is the first visible sign of systemic poisoning, increases with water fluoride levels."

Dr. David Kennedy, Past President of International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and a practicing Dentist for 20 years. Tweet

The evidence that fluoride is more harmful than beneficial is now overwhelming… fluoride may be destroying our bones, our teeth, and our overall health.”

Dr. Hardy Limeback, former President of Canadian ADA, 2006 National Research Council Scientist Tweet

Fluoride may be destroying our bones, our teeth and overall health.. it doesn't need to be added to our water and we may be taking unnecessary risks by doing so.”

Dr. Hardy Limeback, a leading Canadian fluoride authority, former fluoride advocate and long-standing consultant to Canadian Dental Association. (read his rationale) Tweet

I consider the practice of mandatory dosage of any medication – let alone this hazardous substance – to be a violation of civil rights. No one in a free society should be forced to take a medication that they do not want to take.”

Mark S. Lohbauer, JD, former member of the Board of Directors of the NJ Grassroots Environmental Organization, Pennsauken, NJ Tweet

My work showed that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland and lowers melatonin production in animals. I find it extraordinary that no government promoting fluoridation has chosen to pursue these worrying findings. The ADA, which has deep pockets, and claims to be promoting human health, should fund research into this matter and throw more light on the issue.”

Jennifer Luke, PhD, BDS, Dentist and fluoride researcher, England Tweet

Fluoride is an outrageous and uncalled for assault on life in all forms.”

Adding fluoride to water is medication without informed consent and should simply not be allowed”

Jamie D. Page, BSc, MBA, Chief Executive, The Cancer Prevention and Education Society, Canary Wharf, London, England Tweet

All members of the Carroll-Boone Water District (Eureka Springs, AR) are opposed to fluoridation. No one in this country should have the right to mass medicate the public. Ingesting fluoride is an individual decision and should not be forced on our customers. It is JUST PLAIN WRONG!”

James Allison, Licensed Water Operator & Office Manager, Carroll-Boone Water District, Eureka Springs, AR Tweet

“Recently the Skagit County (WA) Commissioners voted to Fluoridate the whole county. I am very frustrated since the media has helped blackball the effort to the extent to even ignore my letters and fail to cover public meetings that are to give information to the people. They then go on to print editorials from the health officer that state out and out lies.”

— Russ Borneman, DDS, Anacortes, WA Tweet

Fluoride is toxic and…has damaged my daughter’s teeth as diagnosed by our traditional dentist in Oklahoma. Studies show that it lowers IQ significantly, and it's criminal to continue this antiquated practice in modern America.”

I feel it is high time that all residents of NY be informed about the real dangers of fluoride so that we can all take control over our freedom to choose what we ingest.”

Ann Brameier, licensed acupuncturist, NY Tweet

It is my sincere hope that Christopher Bryson's apparently thorough and comprehensive perusal of the scientific literature on the biological actions of fluoride and the ensuing debates through the years will receive the attention it deserves and that its implications will be seriously considered.”

Dr. Arvid Carlsson; Nobel Prize for Medicine 2000. Tweet

I am totally convinced, after believing otherwise for most of my professional career, that the whole idea of putting a known toxic substance into our drinking water is based on politics and government/industry collusion. It is long past time to put an end to this scientifically unproven practice and improve the health of the American people.”

Chester V. Clark, Jr., DDS, MPH, Mayor of Amity, AR Tweet

I am totally against water fluoridation by any country on this planet. There is a HUGE body of scientific evidence AGAINST fluoridation.”

Anthony Fox, MD, New Milton, Hants, England Tweet

I support a ban on fluoridation. It is being used as a drug to treat entire populations with a questionable small benefit and definite potential for harm. It can hurt different groups of people to different degrees.”

Jerzy O. Giedwoyn, MD, FACC, Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Gresham, OR Tweet

Prevention of chemical brain drain should be considered at least as important as protection against caries.”

— Dr. Phillippe Grandjean, Chair of Environmental Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at Harvard School of Public Health. Tweet

Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale may be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

Philippe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health. Tweet

I realized that the practice was completely false and deceptive when my wife brought home a copy of the pamphlet on Fluoride and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). After reading the article it was very clear to me that we had been deceived and misled. It is clear that the honest scientific research that has been done on the effects of fluoride on the body all validates the basic truth that fluoride compounds are very toxic substances. We should avoid them as assiduously as we try to avoid exposure to mercury, arsenic and lead which have the same level of acute toxicity as fluoride compounds.”

George Gioumousis, PhD, Theoretical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1955 (retired), Palo Alto, CA Tweet

For many years I have been involved in questioning the wisdom of water fluoridation in Korea. So far, I have not met any scientifically and politically reliable justification to support this so-called public health policy. As far as I know, there is nothing to justify water fluoridation except for vested interests such as the American-influenced dental profession, public health bureaucrats and dishonest scientists. Water fluoridation should be stopped.”

Jong-Chul Kim, Editor, Green Review, South Korea Tweet

Ever since US dentistry 'created' fluoridation it has been forced to defend it in the face of increasing worldwide opposition from many responsible scientists…As a result the reputation of US dentistry has become irrevocably bound to the fate of fluoridation. A stage has now been reached where the rejection of fluoridation will irreparably discredit the American Dental Association and the National Institute of Dental Research of the US Public Health Service.”

Dr. Professor Albert Schatz, (Microbiology), co-discoverer of Streptomycin, the cure for tuberculosis and numerous other bacterial infections. Tweet

As soon as dentists recognize their responsibility in the politics of fluoridation, their performance will be outstanding. In politics, the emphasis must be on commitment rather than detached objectivity.... In other words, a dentist does not need to know all the vast scientific background to fluoridation… all he needs is the knowledge that fluoridation is safe, effective and practical, and enough enthusiasm to convince other people that this is so."

Dr. Professor Albert Schatz, (Microbiology), co-discoverer of Streptomycin, the cure for tuberculosis and numerous other bacterial infections. Tweet

Fluoride ingestion increases the risk for thyroid disease, among many health concerns. Given the epidemic of thyroid problems, as a patient advocate, I’m convinced that our health is far better served by minimizing the intake of this unnecessary toxin.”

Mary Shomon, Leading thyroid patient advocate and best-selling author of the “Thyroid Diet” Tweet

Among the many health-damaging effects of Fluoride, is its harmful effect on the thyroid. It is no surprise Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism is at epidemic levels, which dramatically impacts a person's quality of life and ability to function effectively.”

About one-half of the people with hip fractures end up in nursing homes, and in the year following the fracture, 20 per cent of them die."

Harold Slavkin, Director of National Institute of Dental Research (JADA 1999) Tweet

Water fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of the twentieth century.”

I object to the unsolicited medication by the state of an entire population with any substance on principle. The health implications are well documented over a long period and should be more than enough warning to the powers that be that they are entering a minefield fraught with litigation and disease processes caused by the ingestion of fluoride.”

Janet Tallon, Retired nurse, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia Tweet

For decades we have believed that fluoride in small doses has no adverse effects on health. But more and more scientists are now questioning the benefits of fluoride, even in small amounts”

— UNICEF – A United Nations Organisation. Tweet

Segments of the population are unusually susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride. They include "postmenopausal women and elderly men, pregnant woman and their fetuses, people with deficiencies of calcium, magnesium and/or vitamin C, and people with cardiovascular and kidney problems."

United States Public Health Service Report (ATSDR TP-91/17, pg. 112, Sec.2.7, April 1993) Tweet

It amazes me how the public can be made to believe that the disposal of a hazardous waste in their public water supply can be good for their health.”

— Charlie Spencer, Radio broadcaster (35 years), environmental film maker and advocate, Chairman (1993 – 1999), National Ecology Commission, Secular Franciscan Order (SFO), USA, and editor of the Commission’s newsletter, “The Guardian of Creation,” Springfield, MA Tweet

New strong science supports what is already known: fluoride lowers IQ. Further, it increases the absorption of lead, which is known to contribute to hyperactivity among other health issues. We cannot afford the continued dumbing-down of American and the world's children. The USA needs to start at home with the abolishment of public water fluoridation, and set an example for other countries. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.”

Aside from endorsing Paul Connett’s 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation, I am concerned about the total exposure of my patients, my community, the environment, and most importantly the children, including my two and a half year old son. At the very least, I feel what supplements or medicines one ingests should be a personal choice.”

— Brian J. Smith, DDS, Eureka, CA Tweet

I write books about oral/systemic medicine and it is unbelievable to me that we still think fluoridation is a great idea due to all the unforeseen consequences of adding fluoride as a "medication" to water. Even a popular biology lecturer came to Austin and lectured hygienists here of her turn around on the issue after she nearly died from hypothyroidism and took a closer look.”

Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH Tweet

I founded North West Councils Against Fluoridation in 1989 resulting in North West Water refusing to fluoridate the North West of England in 1992. Councilors have since voted to change the name to UK Councils Against Fluoridation. In Northern Ireland 25 out of 26 councils have rejected fluoridation.”

Liz Vaughan, Councilor, Information Officer for UK Councils Against Fluoridation, Cumbria,England Tweet

Mass medication should only be used where it is absolutely certain that it is safe. There seems to be significant doubt with fluoridation.”

David Vincent, Ph.D.

I have spent most of my life evaluating evidence, including 22 years as a public prosecutor in various courts. In my opinion, the case against fluoridation of water supplies is evidentially sound.”

— Councilor Arnold Woolley, DipIM, MCMI, Rtd. Senior Police Officer, past JP and current environmental activist, North Wales, UK Tweet

As a former worker in a big drug company in Romania, I was a member of the Committee to approve drug listings in Pharmacopee (A guide manual for all approved drugs). Thus, I know very well the danger of receiving an overdose of dangerous substances. This is the case with water fluoridation, an issue for which I have studied the literature for many years.”

Loty Zilberman, MSc, Chemical Engineer, Environmental and Toxicological Consultant, Israel Tweet

Each human being is unique. Nature has an unique relationship with each one of us. The ‘one size fits all’ fluoridation formula amounts to ‘poisoning Peter to pay Paul’ and that is nothing short of immoral.”

Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary magazine, Mumbai, India Tweet

Even if fluoride helped children's' teeth (unlikely), ADULTS should not be forced to consume it in every glass of water, every day of life, thus being exposed to many serious health issues.”

“In clinical practice, in fluoridated Geelong, Australia, it is most unusual not to see patients with fluoride toxicity symptoms every week.”

Internal ingestion of fluoride is unnecessary for dental cavity prevention & can be harmful to the human body … Any substance or drug that is utilized as a preventative or curative treatment plan, should always be individualized to each person. Adding fluoride to the public water supply isn't individualized dosing, but it is a careless 'one size fits all' approach. It doesn't take into account the weight, age, gender or health status of each person or the quantity of water that each person drinks per day. Therefore, it should NOT be added to the public water supply! Topical application of fluoride is an appropriate treatment choice that can be offered to patients on an as needed basis for dental cavity prevention.”

I attended an interview on Manchester breakfast TV when Dr. Paul Connett had been invited to comment on fluoridation. Also invited was Economist Guy Harkin of the North West Fluoridation Evaluation, a group which will be making a recommendation on whether to add fluoride to the drinking water of Manchester. Even though Harkin’s recommendations will be very influential on whether Manchester fluoridates its water, he demonstrated little knowledge or even interest in the science indicating fluoride’s health risks and simply regurgitated parrot-fashion the pro-fluoride script. — When asked, off camera, if he had read the latest 500 page report from the US National Research Council he replied, after some spluttering “I have read a summary.” But when asked “What were the conclusions?” Harkin couldn’t answer. It was obvious to me that he hadn’t even read the summary of the report. In fact, I doubt he knew of its existence. The blind ignorance of the pro-fluoride lobby has to be seen to be believed.”

Ralph Anthony Ryder, Director, Communities Against Toxics UK, Editor, TOXCAT, Ellesmere Port, England Tweet

In 1991, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA measured fluoride levels and found that where water is fluoridated between 0.7 and 1.2 ppm overall fluoride, total fluoride intake for adults was between 1.58 and 6.6 mg per day while for children it was between 0.9 and 3.6 mg per day and that there was at least a sixfold variation just from water consumption alone.”

Peckham & Awofeso (2014)

As someone completing a Master’s degree in pharmacy, it surprises me greatly as to how some health care professionals can exempt fluoride from a central ethical principle of medicine. It is this: for any drug or medical procedure, people as consumers must be made aware of the risks. I find it truly intolerable that we are mass-medicating our population without their sound understanding and consent on this matter.”

Michael D. Porteus, RPh, Staff pharmacist, Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, OH Tweet

Fluoride is an enzyme poison, in the same class as cyanide, oxalate, or azide ... it is capable of a very wide variety of harmful effects, even at low doses. It is a scientific disgrace that a well-organized lobby of the American Dental Association ever managed to stampede American legislators into ignoring the highly technical but very cogent objection to fluoridation."

James B. Patrick, Ph.D., antibiotics research scientist at National Institute of Health

The Irish government compulsorily adds an industrial pollutant and hazardous chemical, fluorosilicic acid, to public drinking water in the name of dental health. This invasive medical intervention is rejected by almost all of the European Union’s twentyfive member states in favor of safer alternatives which achieve similar or lower levels of child tooth decay. Fluoridation of Irish drinking water is environmentally objectionable, politically perverse and morally indefensible.” – See Irish TV News debate with Robert Pocock

Robert Pocock, fluoridation spokesperson for VOICE OF IRISH CONCERN for the Environment, Dublin, Ireland Tweet

It is not just a mistake for public health agencies to cooperate and collaborate with industries in investigating and deciding whether public health is endangered—it is a direct abrogation and violation of the duties and responsibilities of those public health organizations."

Dr. Clair Patterson, Leaded gasoline activist. Tweet

We found that practices located in the West Midlands (a wholly fluoridated area) are nearly twice as likely to report high hypothyroidism prevalence in comparison to Greater Manchester (non-fluoridated area).”

.. we have been misled for far too long. It has never been the solution for better dental health that has always come from good nutrition and a healthy biome!”

As a practicing specialist in Environmental Medicine and pediatrician I don’t encourage contamination of water with fluorine compounds, a practice which is a threat to human health, especially young children.”

Kalpana Patel, MD, FAAP, FAAEM, pediatrician, practicing specialist in Environmental medicine Tweet

A good scientist spends his whole career questioning his own facts. One of the most dangerous things you can do is believe.”

Nigel Noriega, Environmental Scientist and Endocrine Biologist Tweet

I have been in practice 10 years and know of no other issue, except the criminal use of amalgam, that surpasses the fluoride issue. The science is in, but unfortunately those legislators who make the decisions are ‘out to lunch.’ We need to shorten their lunch period and have them ‘fast’ on fluoride.”

David J. Ogle, MD, Medical Director, the Center for Environmental Medicine, Portland, OR Tweet