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Renowned American legal clerk, consumer advocate, environmental activist and all-round world hero, Erin Brockovich, has responded to a recently-announced fluoride initiative by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), saying this initiative and the CDC’s overall attitude towards fluoridation is “SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING and REPREHENSIBLE”
Erin Brockovich, renowned American activist
"Public Drinking Water should never be used to distribute any substance for the purpose of achieving a medical result. This is morally reprehensible... for those engaged in the practice... shameful."
Erin Brockovich
American activist

It’s truly UNBELIEVABLE! The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is boasting about a device it funded  that can economically add toxic fluoridation chemicals to the drinking water of smaller American towns not currently receiving artificially fluoridated water.

The new device or system involves a method similar to chlorine tablets used in swimming pools, where a fluoride tablet feeding system can provide fluoridated water to America’s small towns – from 50 up to 10,000 people.

Announcing the initiative, the CDC states; “Drinking fluoridated water has greatly improved oral health outcomes for over 75 years, keeping teeth strong and reducing cavities by about 25% in children and adults. Oral health is critical to overall health, yet oral diseases – ranging from cavities and gum disease to oral cancer – cause significant pain and infections across the globe. Untreated oral diseases can lead to problems eating, speaking, and learning. Over $45 billion is lost in productivity in the United States each year because of untreated oral disease.”

“Drinking fluoridated water keeps teeth strong and reduces cavities, resulting in less pain, fewer fillings or teeth pulled, and fewer missed days of work and school. As we honor World Oral Health Day on March 20, I am proud we could for the first time, make available such an important prevention strategy to so many people.”
Karen Hacker
MD, MPH, Director of CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Not surprisingly, Erin, who has made her views on fluoridation clear for years, posted to her Facebook page (and her 858,000 followers) that this CDC initiative and their arrogant attitude towards fluoridation generally is NOT acceptable!

See the images below to read Erin’s posts, or visit her Facebook page and be sure to follow/like.