Letter to all fluoridated NSW councils

28 October 2019

Dear Mayor Smith

Re: WATER FLUORIDATION – important information for the councillors of Sample Council

We recently alerted every Federal, State and Territory politician in Australia to several important issues regarding water fluoridation. These letters are available here and a recent media release is available here. We would also like to help you be fully informed of these issues as you have a Duty of Care to ensure the health and safety of your residents.

In particular, new and recurring science showing the neurological damage caused by fluoride to the developing brain is crucial to any due diligence process. The most recent “Green study”, conducted by a team of Canadian and American researchers, again links increased fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lowered IQ in their offspring. Researchers likened the neurological damage of fluoride to lead, concluding: “There was no safe level” of fluoride exposure during pregnancy. 

Last week the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) published a draft review of fluoride’s neurotoxicity, confirming “…fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans.” More here.

We ask how any council, state or nation can justify causing neurological damage to its young when there is a substantial body of evidence showing fluoridation is not effective in reducing tooth decay and is defended and promoted using extremely biased review methodology, very poor-quality studies and consistently misleading information?

Given the heavy reliance on NHMRC’s fluoride recommendations, we encourage every politician and councillor in Australia to read our article: Can the NHMRC be trusted? We also hope you will have time to read other relevant feature articles about NHMRC on our website.

Thousands of scientists and health professionals worldwide strongly oppose the addition of toxic industrial-waste chemicals to public drinking water supplies. PLEASE read a sample of their quotes here.

These relevant facts are routinely omitted from pro-fluoride literature;

  • 95% of the world does not receive fluoridation chemicals in their drinking water;
  • 98% of people across Europe do not receive fluoridated water since most European countries carefully evaluated and ceased or rejected fluoridation;
  • 70% of Canada and 54% of New Zealand do not have forced fluoridation;
  • There is no fluoridation in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and only 10% of the UK is fluoridated. Scotland’s Childsmile program is one example of a very successful oral health plan not involving ingestion of toxic fluoridation chemicals;
  • Fluoride has no biological function in the human body; it only interferes with our physiology;
  • More than 16 large-scale, population-based studies show there is no discernible difference in tooth decay outcomes between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries. Fluoride does not work!
  • Not one single published Australian fluoride efficacy study met the relaxed inclusion criteria for the 2015 Cochrane Review.

In light of the substantial and growing body of evidence against fluoridation we ask if you would consider the following questions:

  1. After reading our articles about NHMRC, do you still have confidence in their ability to review fluoridation objectively?
  2. Do you believe your voters would give their consent to fluoridation chemicals being added to their drinking water if they were fully informed?
  3. Are you aware NHMRC includes a disclaimer of liability with their recommendations? Are you willing to provide either a disclaimer for potential liability/damages or a warning to pregnant mothers and other vulnerable groups?
  4. Are you also aware the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines disclaimer requires water authorities to conduct their own research concerning safety?
  5. If you were able to stop fluoridation in your shire, would you now consider this?

Mayor Smith, thank you for the time you have taken to read this letter. We hope you will forward this to your Councillors and don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you any further. In the meantime, please use our web site as a resource and sign up for our newsletter.

Fluoride Free Australia Inc.

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