Update: US Federal Court case

This groundbreaking US Federal Court case continues against the EPA for its ongoing failure to protect the public from the neurologic risks posed by the fluoridation chemicals added to public drinking water.

At the close of the last trial hearing in 2020, the Judge stated that the Plaintiff had presented “serious evidence” which presents “serious questions” about the safety of fluoridation. The Judge also noted that EPA had used an incorrect standard for assessing the available science.

On 4 November 2020, the Plaintiff submitted a supplemental petition to the EPA, which contains the findings of the NTP’s systematic review, as well as the findings of the NIH-funded birth cohort studies. EPA is currently reviewing this material.

For a detailed coverage of the trial, click here.

Following is a short video of a PowerPoint presentation given by lead attorney Michael Connett, providing an update to this trial: